The impact of Hervey Bay Whale Watching

The influence of Hervey Bay whale watching is amazing and unique. Hervey Bay is a beautiful city in Queensland, located about 290 kilometres north of Brisbane. This is surely a tourist- friendly city where people come from different parts of the world to enjoy whale watching, which is the main tourist concern here.

Going through foreshore zones, you will enjoy the following enviable features:

  • Some accessible recreational fishing,
  • Calm beaches,
  • Serene atmosphere
  • Boating and so on.

Whale watching in Hervey Bay is a great pleasure especially during summer holiday periods and other festive seasons like Christmas, Easter, and New Year.

Effects of cetaceans

Well, much is not known about the potential effects of nature-based tourism. However, whale watching operators should be trained to be professional in the job in line with the wider legislation and state laws.

Whale watching guidelines

There are so many measures taken around Hervey Bay to address the issues of direct killing, disturbance and harassment from whale watching. Thus, managers and scientists recommend strong controls and codes of conducts.

Whale watching operators are required to be licensed; this will help them to comply with the right guidelines. However, where this is not done, they will face some penalty structure and enforcement programs. This issue can be handled appropriately by making sure that the operators engage themselves with right education and training. They will be trained in the accurate behaviour of whale so that they can comfortably detect bad behaviours of whales.

The agency in charge of the Hervey Bay whale watching are working round the clock to see that the lifestyle of whale watching operators are sufficiently monitored, this will go miles in decreasing the adverse effects.

Below are some helpful guidelines:

  • Operators should try as much as possible to operate aircrafts, vehicles and vessels so that they won’t disrupt the smooth movements or behaviours of the marine mammals.
  • People shouldn’t have any contact with whales- so that there won’t be any disastrous circumstances
  • No food or rubbish shall be thrown to the whales; it is not a good thing to do so
  • If a vessel stops somewhere so that passengers can have a first class experience of the whales, the engine should be placed in a neutral condition
  • Then passengers shouldn’t in any way distract or disrupt any whale
  • Nobody should disrupt the whale from moving anywhere
  • No person shall make loud or unpleasant noise around the whales etc


It is a great pleasure to come to Hervey Bay and enjoy whale watching experience; it is something you would be so happy to engage yourself with. If you browse through the internet, you will see a wide range of reviews posted by previous tourists or visitors to Hervey Bay whale watching, each of them have their separate experiences. You can enjoy such great experience today. Just give it a try; you will never regret doing so.